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Save the Date for the Tough Stump Rodeo 2023


Now in its third year, the Tough Stump Rodeo is back to offer attendees an in-person
opportunity to see products that can improve collaboration in operations and increase safety.
Registration link coming soon.

About The Tough Stump Rodeo

Join Tough Stump Technologies on June 14-17 in Montana, for two days of events that allow
vendors to show, not tell, how their tech works in rugged terrain.
·     June 14 th : Social and Range Brief (starting around 5pm)
·     June 15 th : A side-by-side comparison day, putting the tech into action with concurrent local
UAV and UGV demos for the observers. 
·     June 16 th : Vendor debriefs of Day 1, Comm Vendor capability highlights and cross Vendor
integration as well as UAV and UGV demos in the wild.
·     June 17 th : Vendor-only day for field testing new solutions/equipment on ranch property.

Who SHould Attend?

The Tough Stump Rodeo is designed for professionals seeking solutions to increase their
mission effectiveness while improving the safety of personnel.
Ideal observers for the event include:
·       Local and regional law enforcement
·       Local Forestry
·       First responders
·       Search and rescue officials
·       GIS professionals
·       DoD personnel
·       Federal civilian stakeholders
Go beyond hearing about how well a product works to seeing it up close and in-person. The
Tough Stump Rodeo fosters in-depth conversations between customers and vendors, enabling
them to users to take the tech for a test drive.

Why Attend?

While most conferences offer attendees a chance to hear a vendor’s pitch, watch videos and
pick up a slick sheet, the Tough Stump Rodeo brings attendees to an actual disconnected
environment to see for themselves what the tech can do.  Don’t tell us what you can do…show us!

Become a Sponsor or Vendor

The Tough Stump Rodeo is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to demonstrate your technology and
highlight your brand in a truly disconnected environment. Previous sponsors include
Teledyne-FLIR, Hexagon US Federal, Sierra Nevada Corporation, and the hosting sponsor,
SkyBridge Tactical. Sponsors will be listed on the event registration page, featured in event
promotions, and highlighted during the event. We are currently accepting additional
demonstrations and sponsors.

Get in Touch with Us

If you’d like to learn more about attending the event, or how to become a vendor or sponsor,
please contact us today by reaching out to Ben Brown, Co-Founder. We look forward to
connecting with you, and we hope to see you in Montana this summer!

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