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Tough Stump Technologies is a Veteran Owned Small Business that fuses the latest remote sensing technology with over 150 years of combined experience in small unit tactics, SUAS operations and air-to-ground integration, combined with the highest standards of integrity and performance. 

With service in all four branches of the US military and Special Operations units, the members of our team are expertly equipped to help you succeed. 

Our founders and staff excel in the development and implementation of simple solutions to complex problems, supporting operations across the globe.

Tough Stump Technologies leverages remote sensing and SUAS technology to create high definition imagery and planning products for USG, DoD, Law Enforcement and Commercial clients, offering:
  • Unrivaled practical expertise in the expeditionary use of drones, laser scanners and terrestrial photogrammetry
  • Secure, in-house data processing; Enhancing Situational Awareness through exploitation and dissemination to networks
  • Intimate knowledge of targeting and tactical planning requirements

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Jarrett Heavenston


Jarrett founded Tough Stump Technologies after identifying a need for “Tactical Mapping.” He applies 25 years of tactical military experience to improve the capacity of righteous organizations to shoot, move and communicate.
Favorite quote: “Complete idiots start their own business...I think I can do this!”

- Proud graduate of Modoc High School
- Survived Ranger Regiment in the 90’s
- God Father of ARTEMIS
- FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot
- Gray Man


Zeb Jaillet

suas & Networking cell leader

Zeb Jaillet is the Cell Leader for small unmanned aerial systems and tactical networking. After 24 years as an Air Force Combat Controller, he joined the Tough Stump Team in 2019. He crafts tailor made SUAS training courses and can create a communications network where none exist. 

- Bachelor of Information Technology
- Bachelor of Business Administration
- Associates of Airway Management
- FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot
- Bronze Star with Valor


Zeb Jaillet

suas & Networking cell leader

Zeb Jaillet is the Cell Leader for small unmanned aerial systems and tactical networking. After 24 years as an Air Force Combat Controller, he joined the Tough Stump Team in 2019. He crafts tailor made SUAS training courses and can create a communications network where none exist. Zeb has a Bachelor of Information Technology, a Bachelor of Business Administration, an Associates in Airway Management, and is also an FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot, and has received a Bronze Star with Valor.

- Loves making fun profiles for his team
- Aspiring voice over actor
- another funny fact to add personality



BenJAMIN brown


Ben is the triple threat, unmanned pilot, business executive and manned pilot, co-found Tough Stump to bring a 3rd dimension to the tactical mapping community.

- United States Air Force Academy Class of 2000
- Master of Military Arts & Science; Joint Warfare
- Airline Transport Pilot: AMEL; Commercial: ASEL; CFI/MEI/CFII
- Significant Achievements: Bronze Star, Defense Meritorious Service Medal, 10 Air Medals, Meritorious Service Medal, 2 Joint Service Achievement Medals



ARTEMIS cell leader

Randy, known for his good looks and extensive glute workouts is the vanguard of tactical mapping piloting and instruction. After time in the US Army and Law Enforcement, Randy joined the team in 2017. His instruction has led to countless successful tactical mapping missions around the world.   

- USA Ranger
- FAA Remote Pilot
- Certified Badass


Jimbo Michael

Specialized training cell leader

Jimbo is the is a TACP turned information leader. He leads training in all things Tough Stump. Master of ATAK, ARTEMIS, ATOS and all things communication. After 25 years of service in the Air Force he shares his leadership and passion for teaching with the world.  

- FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot
- Bronze Star with Valor



Director of business operations

Becca is the longest standing member of the Tough Stump team. Becca oversees the entire Tough Stump Enterprise.     

- Bachelor of Business
- Ruthless Gangster
- FAA Remote Pilot


Arlene reynolds

I.T. SPECIalist

Arlene after a short career in the Ku matai as a blood sport combatant, she gave the US Air Force 21 years of service where her information tech skills where honed. She puts the lightning in the Thunder of Tough Stump. 

- Degree in computer stuff
- Master of Disaster
- Bronze Star



survey project lead

Tim came to Tough Stump by way of assault zone specialist. A 21-year Air Force veteran and Combat Controller, Tim particular skills add another layer of depth to our already talented cadre.     

- Yoga Instructor
- FAA Remote Pilot



geospacial lead

Mike jumped out of the cockpit and into the world of UAS. This US Army veteran brings Tough Stump the skills of a leader and the fervor of lifelong student. He is the best around and nothing will ever keep him down. 

- Bachelor of Helicopter
- Master of Paleontology Arts
- FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot
- Real Pilot
- Bronze Star 



logistical cell lead

Manny puts the hurt on things misplaced. This versatile Army veteran will keep our stuff straight, then switch hats and assist the ARTEMIS team as an instructor.  

- 24 year US Army Vet
- FAA Remote Pilot
- Freaknek attendee



Software cell lead

Mike is rockstar ATAK software programmer. His skills and coding prowess have elevated the Tough Stump Team. 15 years working with ATAK programming has made him a force of nature in our world. 

- Internet Grad
- School of Hard Rocks
- Web 2.0 cert



Office manager and procurement

Christine is a powerhouse of skills coming from a diverse background. Being a military brat, veteran, and spouse, she understands the importance of structure and flexibility. Having served four years in the USAF and affiliations with the Special Operations community for 22 years, she understands the importance of service before self and getting the job done. She keeps the team tight and flying true. 

-Associates of Applied Sciences
-Bachelor of Education (Incomplete)
-Pursuing education in Cyber Security, NC State University
-2018 Civilian of the Year, Category I


Jimmy larsen

sa program manager 

Jimmy has a passion for Botany, his collection of orchids is nothing shy of stunning! His gear box is full of experience. He is an elegant speaker, easy on the eyes and drops smart bombs on the daily. 

- Super Bendy
- USAF Weapons School Graduate
- Bachelors of Kickass
- Bronze Star


Bryan Green

Special projects

Bryan earned his way through college with brilliance and unmatched vocal talents. He spent time as a pilot and commander in the USAF now brings his sack of tools to the tech world. Playful and dangerous.  

- Lip Synce Battle Champ
- Super Duper Pilot
- Masters of Kung Fu
- Bronze Star


Ken Wolfe

Project manager

Wolfey, known for his hand strength and sensitive olfactory senses, hails from life as a US Army Ranger and business advisor. A powerful force of organization and style leads Tough Stumps most covenanted programs.   

- Fantasy Fest Crowned Prince
- Masters of Smile, Wink & Shine
- Bachelors of Marionette
- Bronze Star


Mickelie Roy

executive assistant

Mickelie is the wind under the Tough Stump wings. She is the master of organization and keeping the team cocked, locked and ready to rock. 

- UNC Chapel Grad
- US Army Veteran
- Agent of Mayhem


Rob harley

Lead ArTEMIs instructor

After 20 years in the US Army, Rob swooped into Tough Stump from the skydiving world and now enthusiastically shares his experience and knowledge with his students and tactical mapping missions. He is a quiet professional with an operational focused approach in all things ARTEMIS. 

- Bachelor of Science, Criminal Justice
- Lean Sigma Six -Yellow Belt
- FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot
- Bronze Star