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Organic Line Of Sight Tracking System

About ATOS

ATOS is an organic Line of Sight (LOS) tracking system that runs inside of ATAK and can track virtually any object to include MWD’s, sUAS, personnel, vehicles, aircraft, and parachute bundles.

An End User Device (EUD)

ATOS Key Features

Operating inside of ATAK, the ATOS plugin enables the user to track up to 200 ATOS tags. Each of these tags can be assigned one of the following designators: Military Working Dog, sUAS, Personnel, Parachute Bundle, Vehicle, or Custom. Information such as call sign, contact frequency, special equipment, etc. can be added to provide the user with useful information regarding the equipment or personnel being tracked, located, or monitored.

The ATOS plugin can be configured to broadcast the location of each ATOS tag to all or selected team members on the user’s ATAK network. 

The ATOS Tag

A small, ruggedized GPS receiver/transmitter that runs off a disposable cr123a battery, the ATOS tag is roughly the size of your thumb, weighs about 2 ounces and has a 6 inch thread like antenna.
The tag’s GPS location is transmitted via UHF signal to the Command Link. It operates in the UHF 433-435MhZ range and has an airborne range of roughly 30 miles depending upon environmental conditions.
When using the HD setting it will send an updated position once every second and has a 48 hour battery life with single use cr123a batteries. The housing is constructed of watertight machined aluminum. It has been constructed to withstand temperatures from -40 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Command Link

The UHF transmitter/receiver is slightly larger than a deck of cards, constructed out of machined aluminum, is watertight and has no moving parts. It has a rechargeable battery (via USB-C) and a removable 6" whip antenna which can be connected to a 3' whip antenna (magnetic base) for increased reception range. The Command Link connects wirelessly to the ATAK EUD by Blue Tooth Low Energy (BTLE) or via a wired connection with USB-C.

For more information about ATOS and how it runs inside ATAK, read our latest blog.

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