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High Accuracy Tactical Mapping Solution

About Ebee Tac

eBee TAC operates in disconnected environments to provide a high-accuracy, mobile mapping solution that is easily shareable in rapidly-shifting environments enabling precise analysis and action. This US owned company with a Swiss subsidiary created a portable solution that can be transported, utilized, and maintained without requiring external support.


Light weight of only 3.5 lbs

Deployment in 3 minutes

Up to 90 minutes of flight time

544 acres to 1,235 acres mission coverage (400 ft alt)

Silent radio mission

0.6 in. mapping accuracy


Capture Data


eBee Tactical


Use In The Field

eMotion Flight Planning Software

Product highlight

Easy-to-use, eMotion helps you get your drone in the air quickly while including all the functionality you need to collect and manage exactly the geospatial data you require.

• Offline flight planning
• Utilizes MGRS coordinates
• 3D flight planning
• Automated mission block


Radio Data Link Encryption AES-256
• Drone Log File Suppression
• Silent Radio Mission
• Data and Communication Control

Other Features

• Low visible signature at 984 ft AGL
• Acoustically undetectable at 983 ft AGL
• Blue UAS approved

Data Generated

Due to its payload modularity, the eBee Tac allows you to collect data that can be immediately used via the SD card for analysis and decision making.

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