Teal 2

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Industry-leading camera sensors and robust design make this system perfect for short-range ISR missions, inspections, land mapping, and search & rescue.

About Teal 2


Flight Time: 30+ minutes

Top Horizontal Speed: 32.8 ft/s (10 m/s)

Maximum Vertical Speed: 8.2 ft/s (2.5m/s)

Operating Temp Range: -34 to 110 F (-36.6 to 43.3 C)

Maximum Servicing Ceiling: 10,000 Feet ASL ( 3,048 Meters)

Max Range (From Controller): 3.1 miles (5km)

Integrated FLIR imaging lets you see what is hidden to the naked eye

FLIR Hadron 640R

New Payload!

• EO Sensor: 9248 x 6944 Pixels 64 MP
• EO Recording: 4K @ 30FPS
• IR Sensor: Boson 640x512 Pixels
• Temperature Accuracy: ±5°C less, over 0°C to 100°C range
• Stabilization: Dual axis Gimbal
• Onboard Storage: UFS 64GB Encrypted
• Additional Storage: Micro SD Card
• Up to 4x Digital Zoom
• Black hot/white hot, and other polarity modes

Onboard Electronics

• Main Processor: Qualcomm (QCOM) Snapdragon 845
• GPU: QCOM Adreno 630
• CPU: QCOM Octa-core Kryo 385 64 bit
• Image Signal Processor: QCOM Spectra 280 Dual 14 bit
• Memory: 8 GB LPDDR4X
• Flight Controller: PX4


• Operating Frequencies: 1800, or 2400 MHz
• Encryption: AES 256
• Protocol: MAV Link
• Compatible Ground Stations: TAC, TOGA, MAV Link GCS


• DoD-approved for encrypted data collection.

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