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Persistent, All Weather, All Terrain, Multi-Role, Hazardous Environment Sensor Platform

About Vision 60

Since 2015, Tough Stump Technologies (TST) has set the pace for integrating robotics & cutting-edge technology to produce solutions for law enforcement, first responders, military teams & civilian enterprises. Forging relationships with key industry partners such as Ghost Robotics enables TST to deliver knife point capabilities at the operational edge and provide reliable tools for customers. 

Vision 60 Quadrupedal – Unmanned Ground Vehicle (Q-UGV)

Key Features:

NDAA Compliant 

All-weather durability

5x on-board cameras & streaming

Autonomous route modes

3 hour battery life, 12km range

22lb payload capability 

Open architecture

WiFi/MANET/4G Control

USB-C, LAN, WAN, Xavier & 6x MCX ports for payload integration

Vision mode (LiDAR navigation assistance)

User selectable modes: cruise control, high step, stairs, run, hill & sand modes


Vision 60 Q-UGV

The open architecture of the Vision 60 Q-UGV allows the integration of a variety of payloads weighing up to 22 lbs. MANET radios, 360°FLIR cameras, CBRN sensors and a mechanical arm are just a few available options, enabling users to stream FMV and sensor data over a variety of networks. The Vision 60 penetrates the operational environment providing perimeter security, overwatch CBRN response, LiDAR mapping, and numerous other tasks where persistent, autonomous & remote capabilities inform decision making, save lives and preserve resources. 

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