Digital Pointer Tool in ATAK

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Digital Pointer Tool

One of the most useful tools in ATAK for situational awareness is the Digital Pointer Tool. The Digital Pointer Tool allows a member of the team to have a persistent icon actively available for all to view. This tool is best used when on the mission as quick reference. This could be a hazard, object of interest and  point of reference. If you are a TAK/MIL user, this would be sensor point of interest. The Digital Pointer Tool is located in the overflow menu, unless the user altered the Action Bar, alphabetically in the tile or list set. When activated the menu for the tool will appear in the upper right corner with three submenus. The first menu will exit the tool. The second menu will activate the Digital Pointer. The last menu will send the user to the Go To Tool for DP placement. 

Default DP Menu

Default DP Menu

Active Pointer

Active Pointer

Locked Pointer

Locked Pointer

Go To Tool in DPT

Digital Pointer Tool in ATAK


Using the Digital Pointer Tool

To use the tool, tap on the crosshair 1:

Digital Pointer Tool in ATAK Crosshair

The crosshair will turn white to yellow. Now the use can tap anywhere on their map which will generate a DP Data Box in the upper right corner of their ATAK screen. 

Digital Pointer Tool in ATAK

Tap on the crosshair again and it will lock the location of the DP in-place. The user can exit the Tool and the DP icon will remain. This DP icon will also remain on their ATAK teammates device as well. To stop the persistent icon, press and hold on the crosshair. This will terminate the DP from the users and teammates ATAK devices. 


Digital Pointer Preferences

The ATAK user can alter how the Digital Pointer Tool acts in the Digital Pointer Preferences which is located in: Overflow Menu>Settings>Tool Preferences>Specific Tool Preferences>Digital Pointer Toolbar Preferences.

Digital Pointer Tool Preferences

These settings have 7 sub-menus that will let the ATAK user adjust the Digital Pointer Tool. One of the more useful features is the ability to have up to 3 Digital Pointer Icons. This will let the user place multiple markers down that will stay persistent . 


Tough Stump University – ATAK Training

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