Tough Stump Technologies is committed to helping you find the right product to meet your needs, no matter how tough the mission or terrain.

Our Geospatial Cell will work with you to determine your needs, project goals and ideal products to get results. Products include the latest in drone technology from senseFly, such as the eBee X, SODA 3D camera, and Aeria-X camera. PIX4d software and Global Mapper software will bring your geospatial data to life.
The SUAS & Tactical Networking Cell offers custom Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (SUAS) packages: With multi-industry capability, we offer end-to-end solutions from data collection to processing outputs.

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Tough Stump Technologies now offers TAK U - a basic course of instruction for the Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK). This course is intended for students with access to TAK/MIL on their device. The student will need their own end user device (EUD) with version 4.6 or higher TAK program.

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Ghost Robotics Vision 60

We are now resellers of The Vision 60® Q-UGV®, a high-endurance, agile, and durable all-weather ground robot for use in a broad range of unstructured urban and natural environments for defense, homeland, and enterprise applications.

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High accuracy tactical mapping solution

eBee Tactical

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ATOS is an organic Line of Sight (LOS) tracking system that runs inside of ATAK and can track virtually any object to include MWD’s, sUAS, personnel, vehicles, aircraft, and parachute bundles.

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We've set the pace for integrating sUAS mapping products and an organic mapping capability at the team level. Tough Stump Technologies has engineered and perfected the integration of sUAS Tactical Mapping with the Google Earth Enterprise Platform (GEEP), serving as the sole vendor with platform and sensor certifications for operations.


Golden Eagle

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Tough Stump not only offers this Small Unmanned Aerial System, we will put together a turnkey package to meet your specifications and exceed your expectations.



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A flexible and secure communications
network providing increased situational awareness. goTenna Pro is a TS encryption capable military-grade tactical mesh networking digital radio that works with smartphones, allowing them to communicate directly without any central infrastructure over several miles across various terrains.



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