ATOS GPS Tracking Tag System

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ATOS GPS Tracking Tag System

ATOS GPS Tracking Tag System

ATOS stands for Android Tactical Observation and Surveillance. ATOS is GPS enabled tag tracking system used exclusively in the Android Team Awareness Kit/Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK) situational awareness software. Unlike other tracking systems, ATOS allows the user to track tags in an environment where no connectivity infrastructure exists. The ATOS GPS tracking tag system will work in buildings with no cellular, Wi-Fi or satellite coverage. The tags are not tethered to an end user device. Most tracking tags will require the user to be within Bluetooth range of their smartphone, not ATOS. This GPS tracking technologies backbone is Ultra High Frequency (UHF) that is organically tied to the ATOS Command Link. This tag tracking system is capable of tracking up to 100 tags without any internet connectivity! If the source EUD has ATAK server connection, the number of tags to track is limitless.


The ATOS plugin can be used to broadcast the location of certain tags to all or selected members on the ATAK network. Tags are displayed on screen in real time and are shown as icons that are selectable and can have task/purpose, name/ID, contact information, and special equipment can be added to provide users with useful information regarding the tags being tracked. ATOS is the easiest way to keep situational awareness for mission essential people or objects without the need for a smartphone, keeping the hero’s and their equipment mission focused. 

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