goTenna and Tough Stump Technologies Enhance Ranger Safety and Connectivity in Remote Areas

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Revolutionizing Wildlife Conservation: goTenna and Tough Stump Technologies Enhance Ranger Safety and Connectivity in Remote Areas

This December goTenna, a leader in mobile mesh networking, has significantly advanced wildlife preservation and park ranger safety through its collaboration with Tough Stump Technologies. This partnership has led to the development of a robust communications network, critical for remote wildlife conservation areas. The network was tested in two challenging environments in Mozambique and South Africa, covering areas of 3,246 and 546 square miles respectively. These areas, characterized by dense vegetation and variable terrain, previously lacked reliable connectivity. The goTenna Pro X2 network, combined with Tough Stump’s Android Tactical Observation and Surveillance (ATOS) tags, provided an unprecedented communication range of up to 27 miles. This network enhanced the situational awareness of park rangers, significantly improving their ability to protect wildlife from poachers and ensuring their own safety.

goTenna and Tough Stump Technologies

The field tests demonstrated the effectiveness of goTenna’s technology in providing real-time tracking and communication in remote, austere environments. The Pro X2 network, used in relay mode, capitalized on existing infrastructure for optimal range extension, achieving impressive connectivity even through dense vegetation. The ATOS tags, placed on various assets, allowed for efficient resource allocation and decision-making by providing real-time operational data. This technology not only bolsters anti-poaching efforts but also greatly enhances the safety and operational efficiency of park rangers. The successful implementation of this system has been hailed as a game-changer for wildlife conservation efforts, showcasing the commitment of goTenna and Tough Stump Technologies to developing solutions that address unique challenges in challenging environments.

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