How ATOS Works

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How ATOS Works:

Android Tactical Object Surveillance or ATOS is a unique system that’s architecturally unmatched by another GPS tagging system. Here’s a pictogram to help explain how ATOS works : 

How ATOS Works


At the left hand side of the pictogram are the ATOS tags, both ATOS 1 and ATOS Flight. The tags receive GPS signal and transmit their location via a UHF frequency to the Command Link. On the ground the user will get about 1500 meters depending on the environment. The Command Link is connected to the EUD (End User Device) by Bluetooth or Micro USB-C. The EUD utilizes ATAK (Android Team Awareness Kit) to populate the location of the tag on a map fluid system. ATAK has the capability to retransmit the PLI (Position Location Information) to a shared server where a command center can access the data. 

This is how a large scale operation will work. The ATOS system will work perfectly without the reach back. The EUD and command link can track up to 100 tags at a time and each tag is equipped with a beacon function that is useful when GPS link is nulled. The tags can be attached to anything; vehicles, drones, people, parachute bundles without the need for a dedicated EUD. 


No Cell or Wi-Fi, No Problem:

If the demand is heavy for the system to reach back to an operations center and the users have little to no connectivity the users would have to rely on a MANET (Mobil ADHOC Network) or a Mesh network. Both networks have the same principal pass data along via the radio frequency spectrum. The MANET systems will use a specialized, high capacity bandwidth which will allow a vast amount of data to push. A mesh system uses a lower frequency spectrum and cannot handle large data transfers like video and image transfers. ATOS will work well in both configurations. That’s what makes the ATOS system stand out, the tags thruput is tiny and easy to transfer. The ATOS tag can stand by itself for 2 days without the EUD, cell coverage or internet access. 

How ATOS Works - ATOS in Action


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