ATOS and Air to Ground Operations

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ATOS and Air to Ground Operations:

The Android Tactical Object Surveillance GPS Tracking tag has a limitless list of use cases. One of the first successes is the use to track parachutist and parachute bundles. This hones in on all the safety orientated applications that ATAK allows but without the End User Device. Air to Ground operations for parachutists started off with little to no situational awareness. During D-Day paratroopers were released somewhere over Normandy due to the fact there was no ground markings for the pilots or the parachutists. Once on the ground, the paratroopers had guess where they were and rallied together as best they could. Today there is no excuse to lose accountability of jumpers, aircraft or parachute equipment with the ATOS tracking system. Operationally the ground party will have a Command Link bluetoothed to a ATAK device ready to receive jumpers and equipment, even if the aircraft does not have connectivity with a TAK server. The ATOS tags will push out their location in the Ultra High Frequency (UHF) radio band which can be up to 25 kilometers, depending on the terrain. Once in the air and out of the aircraft, the ground team will be able to see the precise Position Location Information (PLI) for every tag. The GPS tracking tag is crucial for equipment being parachuted and is utilized as the PACE (primary, secondary, contingency, emergency) plan as backup for jumpers that using ATAK. 

ATOS and Air to Ground Operations

The tags will allow the ground users to track the location, distance, bearing and estimated time of arrival. The tags will give fully accountability of all the airborne assets and if there is a parachute/tag off DZ (Drop Zone), the ground team will be able to easily find the personnel or equipment. This becomes crucial for injuries for a fast response with no guess work as to the whereabouts of the injured. The tag is great for training, but a must for safety for real world operations. ATOS enables not just SA (Situational Awareness) but safety and accountability for mission success. 

ATOS and Air to Ground Operations - Tough Stump Technologies

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