Exploring The Pinnacle of Drone Technology: Teal 2

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Tough Stump Technologies is Now Offering the Teal 2

In a world that is rapidly advancing in technology, drones have taken a vital role in various applications, such as inspections, land mapping, and search & rescue. One such drone that has proven to be a game-changer is the Teal 2. Equipped with cutting-edge features and specifications, this drone is distinguished by its industry-leading camera sensors and robust design, making it an ideal system for short-range ISR missions.



Teal 2 drone


Innovative Specifications and Unparalleled Performance of the Teal 2

The Teal 2 has a remarkable flight time of over 30 minutes, a top horizontal speed of 32.8 ft/s (10 m/s), and a maximum vertical speed of 8.2 ft/s (2.5m/s). It can operate within a temperature range of -34 to 110 F (-36.6 to 43.3 C) and has a maximum servicing ceiling of 10,000 feet ASL (3,048 meters), allowing it to operate efficiently in diverse environmental conditions.


Range and Connectivity

With a maximum range of 3.1 miles (5 km) from the controller, Teal 2 ensures connectivity even in remote areas. It operates on frequencies of 1800 or 2400 MHz and employs AES 256 encryption and MAV Link protocol, ensuring secure communication. It is compatible with TAC, TOGA, and MAV Link GCS ground stations. Given its secure data collection capabilities, it has earned DoD approval.


Integrated FLIR Imaging

Teal 2 features the new payload, FLIR Hadron 640R, which reveals what is hidden to the naked eye, thus enhancing its functionality in search & rescue operations. The EO sensor boasts a resolution of 9248 x 6944 pixels (64 MP) and can record in 4K @ 30 FPS. It also contains a Boson IR sensor with 640×512 pixels. This FLIR system offers stabilization through a dual-axis gimbal and provides accurate temperature readings, with a precision of ±5°C, in the 0°C to 100°C range.


Polarity Modes and Storage

Teal 2 supports black hot/white hot and other polarity modes, allowing for versatile imaging. It offers UFS 64GB encrypted onboard storage and additional storage through a micro SD card, ensuring ample space for data.


Compact & Rugged Design

The robust and compact design of Teal 2 ensures its rucksack portability and enables fast deployment in challenging environments, making it a reliable tool for professionals working in diverse and demanding conditions.


Teal 2


Onboard Electronics and Processing Power

Teal 2 is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 main processor and is equipped with a QCOM Adreno 630 GPU and a QCOM Octa-core Kryo 385 64-bit CPU. It also features a QCOM Spectra 280 Dual 14-bit image signal processor and 8 GB LPDDR4X memory. The powerful PX4 flight controller orchestrates the drone’s flight, enhancing its stability and responsiveness.


Applications and Versatility

The Teal 2 drone is not just a technological marvel but also a versatile tool designed to meet the varied demands of modern-day applications. It is perfectly suited for inspections, whether it be for infrastructure, agriculture, or energy, providing detailed imagery and data. Its advanced land mapping capabilities make it an invaluable asset for geospatial surveys, and its superb search & rescue functionalities are crucial for emergency response, allowing operators to locate and assist individuals in distress rapidly.


Final Thoughts on the Teal 2

The Teal 2 stands out as a symbol of innovation and reliability in drone technology. Its advanced features, including industry-leading camera sensors, integrated FLIR imaging, robust design, and versatile applications, make it an ideal choice for professionals seeking efficiency and excellence in their respective fields. Whether it is for ISR missions, inspections, land mapping, or search & rescue operations, Teal 2 is poised to deliver unparalleled performance and contribute significantly to advancements in drone applications.

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