Robotics use in ATAK / TAK

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Robotics use in ATAK/TAK:

The framework of ATAK gives the users and developers a nearly limitless system to run situational awareness programs that will help ensure that the hero’s using ATAK can achieve a safe, successful mission. One of the great features of ATAK is the robotics plug-ins. The UAS Tool Kit is a program that links most UAS protocols to ATAK to allow the user to control the UAS like it was flying in the native app, yet with the situational awareness and mission sharing that is inherently part of TAK. The Un-manned Ground Vehicle (UGV) plug-in will allow the user to control most ground-based systems like Ghost Robotics Vison 60. Much like the UAS Tool Kit, the ATAK program interprets the ROS protocols and allows them to control the system and enjoy the SA of the Team Awareness Kit. 


Robotics use in ATAK


UAS Tool Kit:

The UAS Tool Kit is cared for by the team at Par Government and is constantly being updated and adapted to new platforms as the users and UAS developer’s request. The UAS Tool Kit has developed as UAS use has morphed. DJI systems were the early platforms where the plug-in would interpret Lightbridge and OcuSync into ATAK command inputs and information relay. Enterprise models like DJI Mavic II Dual flown in ATAK would allow the user nearly full functionality of the native app. The user can control the thermal spectrum, articulate the lights and speaker functions and even complete mapping missions. As of right now the UAS Tool Kit has a growing number of platforms. Any system the operates on MavLink can fly in ATAK. As MavLink is the most common protocol for new UAS systems, ATAK touches most of the GPS enable systems to include members of the Blue UAS program like Teal II and SkyDio. 


Robotics use in ATAK - TAK U

Robotics use in ATAK - TAK University


UAS/UGV the Mission Enablers:

Controlling robotic platforms in ATAK will allow all the users in the mission cohort to view nearly everything the robotic operators see. If the platform has a Sensor Point of Interest (SPI) all the ATAK users in the program will see it along with the video stream, so long as the bandwidth allows.  Members of your ATAK team will see the location  (PLI) of the UAS/UGV in near real-time. These tenants streamline the communication for mission success. Oppose to talking a teammate onto a location, the ATAK user can simple see the UAS’s SPI and receive a Chat message that will receive mission critical guidance.

The Robotics enabled plug-ins are one of the most useful tools that ATAK has available and time spent training on the program is crucial. TAK U, Tough Stump Technologies virtual ATAK training course, will get new users to a base level of understanding of how TAK operates. TAK U has more advanced sessions that will go over the use of specific plug-ins.

TAK University - Tough Stump Technologies

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